Market Square Presbyterian Church

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March (4,11,18, 25) Sunday Mornings 10:35 a.m.-10:50 a.m.

Lenten Reflections: The Four Sorrows of Mary

To consider how Mary of Nazareth experienced her son's crucifixion offers us a different perspective - both as a mother/woman and as one person witnessing, with full compassion, the suffering of another.

The Seven Sorrows of Mary, acknowledged by St. Bridget of Sweden as early as 1340 and recognized by the church around the 14th century, recall the times Mary suffered profoundly as witness to the life of Jesus. Four of the sorrows take place during Lent.

1. Mary meets Jesus carrying his cross

2. Mary stands beneath the cross of Jesus

3. Mary receives the dead body of Jesus and

4. Jesus is laid in the tomb.

For the month of March we will explore these four sorrows of Mary and what Mary can teach us. I will be using the book Your Sorrow is My Sorrow by Joyce Rupp as the primary guide for our experience. In the introduction she writes, "Mary's sorrows can be metaphors for the difficulties we experience in our lives. By entering into Mary's sorrows we can find a vast resource of courage and wisdom. These painful pieces of Mary's life can enable us to find meaning and inspiration in our own."

A reflective passage will be read and time for silent prayer and meditation will be included. Weekly handouts will offer more information for participants who wish to spend more time on the subject matter. Please join us.

Lori Sweet

Church Officers 2018

Church officers for 2018 were ordained and installed on Sunday, February 4, 2018.

Market Square Presbyterian Church has three boards with members who help guide the work of the church.

The description of the duties of each of the boards is available below:

The list of current officers can be found here.

Keep these church officers in your prayers throughout the coming year.


Lent 2018 An Invitation to join others at Market Square in an ecumenical Lenten practice now known as a “Lenten Carbon Fast”

In keeping with our efforts to become an Earth Care Congregation, the Environmental Action and the Peacemaking Committees are offering a Lenten spiritual discipline with a focus on God's gift of creation which encourages us to be more mindful of our responsibility as earth stewards and to reduce our carbon output.

The 'carbon fast' was initiated by the UCC and now is practiced by other denominations as well. The plan is simple:

1. Sign up for daily Carbon Fast emails: The daily emails with suggestions will run from Ash Wednesday, February 14 through Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. The activities range from very simple to more challenging, do-able actions which can enhance our appreciation of the gift of this earth as well as what we as individuals can do to help preserve and protect it.

2. In addition, we hope you will be willing to meet occasionally with others of us who are engaging in this practice to share the experience and to consider other ways in which we as a congregation can become better stewards of God's creation.

3. Please let us know of your interest in participating by talking with or contacting Margee Kooistra or Jane Wilshusen at 717-766-5496 or Elizabeth Terry at 717-645-0067. Lent is a time of spiritual disciplines, a time of re-ordering our priorities. As we prepare to celebrate new life at Easter and in the spring, this is an opportunity to renew our commitment to God's earth and creation.

Margee Kooistra