Market Square Presbyterian Church

20 S. Second St., Harrisburg, PA 17101


Room For The Inner Way

Shared prayer time this week in the “Room for the Inner Way” will focus on our concerns about current social and political issues facing our world today and our emotional responses to them. 

Within our Christian context, we will use various forms of prayer, scripture, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping), a gentle and calming mind/body practice, while praying our feelings and concerns. 

Lori Sweet is leading this prayer time this week.  Open to everyone, the gathering is held in the Room for the Inner Way on the fourth floor.

Earth Care Congregation 

“Earth Care Congregation” may not be a household term at the moment, but we hope it will be soon, and we hope you will want to become involved.

An Earth Care Congregation, as described on the PCUSA website, is a congregation that has fulfilled certain criteria and been certified by the Environmental Ministries of the PCUSA for designation as an Earth Care Congregation. It takes about a year to complete the application requirements. This process to certify is now underway at Market Square, under the leadership of the Environmental Action Committee (EAC).

The application process begins with a churchwide audit to identify what we presently are doing at Market Square in regard to earth care and environmental action. Four keyareas of church life are assessed in detail: worship, education, the facility (church building and operation), and outreach activities.

The boards, committees, and staff of the church have generously cooperated in gathering information for the audit. In addition, the Session is asked to endorse the “Earth Care Pledge,” affirming Market Square’s commitment to the program. Our completed application will be submitted in January 2018.

Earth care in its many forms has been the concern and work of the Market Square congregation for many years. Becoming an Earth Care church offers connection to our denomination and its information and support services; it also offers connection to many other Earth Care congregations across the US, two of which are in the Carlisle Presbytery: Pine Street and Silver Spring. We know there are many at Market Square who have a deep desire to contribute to the nurture and healing of our beloved and beleaguered Planet Earth and want, also, to help those already affected by environmental degradation.

Our goal is to develop ways to enable everyone who desires to take part to do so, within the confines of their time, age, schedules and other commitments. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions in the months ahead. Stay tuned! We are moving forward and we hope you will join us.

Jane Wilshusen

Back Pack Collection

Again, this year we are supporting our friends at Foose Elementary School and would like to ask for your help! Last year, we collected 60-70 backpacks. This was enough to provide each student with a backpack in all but one of their fourth grade classes. If you are able to donate one or more new backpacks, please drop them off at Cheryl Goode’s office no later than August 6, and sign the sheet on the door

Regular size backpacks work for this grade level. The children will use part of their Sunday school monies to purchase supplies to fill the backpacks. If you are interested in providing supplies, here is a list of things that are needed:

• Hard plastic pencil boxes (found at Walmart)

• #2 pencils

• Glue sticks

• 1oz. size hand sanitizer

• Individual tissue packs

• Crayons, 8-pack

• College rule spiral notebook paper