Market Square Presbyterian Church

20 S. Second St., Harrisburg, PA 17101


A Return to Prayer

In October I visited Tom's childhood church, First Presbyterian Church of York, PA. I was happy to see they had a prayer room, too! They had some different interactive options for those seeking to use the space.

One of them was similar to our prayer net/prayer book and combined the activities. Participants wrote a personal prayer for themselves, for someone else, or for concerns they had about the world and attached them to the ribbons. There was a prayer for healing available to recite.

For our December prayer room activity we will be invited to add our own prayers to the "prayer wall" and to pray together with words and in silence for the concerns we have on our minds and hearts. Come join us.

Praying for others: We will create a prayer space in the room for participants to add their prayers for family, community, and the world. A guided prayer for healing and understanding will be offered. A time of silence will be included.

As a reminder, we meet from 10:35 a.m.-10:55 a.m., directly following the Adult Forum program and before worship in the Room for the Inner Way on the 4th floor.

Lori Sweet


For many years, every Sunday of the year, volunteers have been serving breakfast to our community guests in need of nourishing food. It is a program that was born out of a concern and study of the homeless population of Harrisburg, supported financially by The Deacons and staffed by small     communities of dedicated volunteers from our church, other churches, and a social group. Because of a recent change in the schedule, a great opportunity exists on the third Sunday of each month for  volunteers to help continue this service non-stop. You may sign up individually, as a group, or as a family, for as many third Sundays throughout the year as you like! It really is a gratifying, fun experience!

When:  Every 3rd Sunday of the month from 8:00 AM to 9:45 AM

Where:  MSPC Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

Who:   Volunteers who enjoy helping people in Harrisburg who need a nourishing breakfast. 5-7 volunteers are needed each Sunday to prepare and serve food.

What:  Buy ingredients, prepare a breakfast menu, set up, and serve to 75-120 grateful community guests. Training available!

Why:  As Christians, we are charged with ministering to those in need.  We saw a Harrisburg community need, and so for many years we have been providing a nourishing breakfast on Sunday mornings!

To sign up, contact Barbara Pennell. Based on the number of volunteers, a schedule will be set up. Individuals, groups or families are welcome as we need as between 5-7 people per week are needed. You can also ontact Barbara Pennell for information or 717 236-1360 or the church office for more details.

Market Square Future Plans for Homeless

At its meeting in October, the Session took action to support “Paxton Place,” a new project of Paxton Ministries to build thirtyseven new units of housing for senior citizens, some of whom would be homeless without the project. Paxton Ministries has applied for an $8 million Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
grant and part of the qualifier for the grant is to show community partnership in the amount of about $300,000. Market Square has agreed to commit $30,000 over three years toward this homelessness ministry but is obligated to pay only if Paxton Ministries is awarded its grant. Market Square is the only church invited to participate and we are glad for our contribution to be used to leverage the large grant.

It is yet another example of Market Square’s multi-pronged ministry to the poor, homeless, and vulnerable in the Harrisburg area. Finally, Market Square has its own “Work Group on Homelessness” that includes Dale Laninga (chair), Judd and Peggy McConnell, Marty Shifflett, Tom Johnston, Carol Mayer, Steve Gaus, Jim Terry, Tim Birney, and Tom Sweet. While dealing with shortterm concerns about the upcoming winter and homelessness, its broader focus is longer term possibilities and solutions to homelessness in Harrisburg.

See page of the November newsletter for a complete article on the homeless ministry.