Market Square Presbyterian Church

20 S. Second St., Harrisburg, PA 17101

view of organ and entire loft





Musical Notes from Tyler

Dear friends,

Happy Spring!! May tends to be an interesting month, in my opinion. There are many school and community concerts. Students become anxious and are ready for their summer break. Adults prepare for their summer vacations. And, believe it or not, our volunteers are ready for a break. So, for me, it is an interesting month! But needless to say, May will be exciting for us here at Market Square!

On Sunday, May 13, the youth/future of our church will lead us in worship. The Celebration Ringers and the Sanctuary Choir will participate. We also will welcome the Concert Choir, Women’s Choral Ensemble, and the Men’s Ensemble from Bloomsburg University under the direction of Dr. Alan Baker and Dr. Amelia Garbisch. The choirs are on their way to New Orleans, Louisiana, and we are delighted they will be stopping by here on their way.

Pentecost is on Sunday, May 20. The Sanctuary Choir will sing Bryceson Treharne’s beautiful setting of Emitte Spiritium tuum (May now Thy Spirit) and William Dawson’s uplifting and exciting arrangement of the well-known spiritual, Every Time I Feel the Spirit. This will be a grand morning!

The Sanctuary Choir will take a break for the months of June, July, and August. We are forming a Summer Choir. The Summer Choir will gather each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. to learn an anthem for that morning’s service. This choir will sing for June and July. Do you like singing in a choir, but you cannot commit to our choir full time? This is a perfect opportunity for you! You do not have to commit to every week, but I would like to encourage those who do not sing weekly, to come and join us this summer. It will be fun, I promise!

Thinking ahead to Summer (quickly approaching!) . . .

I am willing to play the piano for the 8:30 a.m. service that we hold from July through Labor Day, but I also know there are a number of pianists in the congregation who like playing for this service. If you are interested in playing the piano for this service, please contact me by May 15. Please include the Sundays you are available, and I will create the schedule.

Peace and love and Happy Easter, Tyler

Organ Renovation Committee

Last November the Session approved formation of a church-wide committee with responsibility for recommending and then overseeing renovations to our sanctuary organ. The need for significant repairs and modifications has been a subject of discussion for a good many years, beginning not long after Eric Riley came to MSPC in the fall of 2007. Over time, the need has become increasingly apparent and urgent.

Some of the problems are discernible to the congregation: random pipes sound sporadically (and are probably mistaken for the organist’s error!), and sometimes a pipe will quietly but steadily sound in the background through prayers and sermons. Other problems can actually be seen. Turn around sometime and look carefully at the pipes in the positif” organ that hangs off the front of the gallery. Numerous pipes have begun leaning there and elsewhere, and without repair they will eventually fall over and cause a domino-like cascade with attendant damage. Elsewhere, problems in the “blower” room (the blower is the first step in providing the air that will eventually cause audible sound as it exits one of the pipes) have pulled insulation off the wallsand dirt into the system, and drywall is coming unattached in several places throughout the system. Clearly, the console and electronics system need to be replaced, and leaning pipes repaired and re-set. And these are just examples - not a full list!

Committee members are drawn from the Session, Trustees, and the congregation at large. They are Bill Murray and Gwen Lehman (Trustees); Ron Poorman, Dave Lehman, and Ellen Hunt (Session); and John Robinson and John Taylor (congregation at large). Both Tyler Canonico and Ellen Hunt provide staff and professional leadership.

The committee has held two meetings to date. Preliminary reports have been provided by four different potential organ-building firms. Those firms all agree that major renovations are called for, and each has offered descriptions of the work that should be done, as well as some consideration of esthetic modifications and improvements that would enhance the quality of sound.

Even at this early stage it is clear that a significant project needs to be undertaken, involving significant expense. As a next step, the committee plans to have detailed and in-person discussions with several of the firms that have provided initial reports. This will help us refine the scope of work under consideration, and it will provide a clearer picture of the associated costs. It will likely be several months before specific recommendations are ready for presentation to the church’s governing boards. Actual work on the project would probably begin some time in 2019.

Gwen and Dave Lehman