Market Square Presbyterian Church

20 S. Second St., Harrisburg, PA 17101

view of organ and entire loft





Musical Notes from Tyler

Dear friends,

Summer is almost here, and we are not slowing down! There are several things I need to bring to your attention.

The Sanctuary Choir will take a break for the months of June, July, and August. We are forming a Summer Choir. It is very similar to our Open Loft Choir arrangement. The Summer Choir will gather each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. to learn an anthem for that morning’s service. This choir will sing for June and July. Do you like singing in a choir, but you cannot commit to our choir full time? This is a perfect opportunity for you! You do not have to commit to every week, but I would like to encourage those who do not sing weekly to come and join us this summer. It will be fun, I promise! Please let me know if you would be willing to join us for two months.

July 15 is Market Square Day at the Senators Game. The choir is going to sing our National Anthem. We have a number of regular singers who will be out of town. We need your help! If you would be willing to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” with us, please contact me immediately. We will meet on Sundays July 8 and July 15 for a few minutes after worship to rehearse. I hope all of you who sing will join us.

In June 2019 I will be taking the choir on a concert tour of Canada. We will sing in several venues in Montreal and Quebec City. There will be plenty of time for sightseeing, too! If you would like to sing in the choir please let me know; there is room for you. If you do not sing but would like to go as a “sightseer” there is room for you, too; please let me know. Spouses can go, too! If you know someone outside of our church who you think might like to go as a singer, please have them contact me. This is going to be a wonderful trip!

(See page 7 of the June newsletter for more information).

Peace and love,


Organ Renovation Committee

The work of the organ renovation committee is in early stages.  We have met with two organ builders and are currently waiting for one or two more to submit proposals.  Several of us recently visited a Presbyterian church in Frederick to do a little fieldwork involving a Moller organ that had recently been substantially rebuilt by one of the companies we’re looking at. We are considering whether to have an acoustician give us some advice on acoustical changes that might enhance congregational singing, projection of the choir, better acoustical conditions for the singers themselves, etc. which would need to go to the Trustees for approval.

Committee members are drawn from the Session, Trustees, and the congregation at large. They are Bill Murray and Gwen Lehman (Trustees); Ron Poorman, Dave Lehman, and Ellen Hunt (Session); and John Robinson and John Taylor (congregation at large). Both Tyler Canonico and Ellen Hunt provide staff and professional leadership.

Gwen and Dave Lehman