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June 30 - Women's Film Fest

July 15 - MSPC Baseball PicnicJuly 15 - MSPC Baseball Picnic

August 5 - Candles on the Water

Women's Film Fest

Join us for Market Square's first Women's Film Fest

FEMALE MYSTICS ~ Ancient and Contemporary ~ Saturday June 30, 2018

Join us for a time to relax and share conversation, food, and thought-provoking films. The format is set up to allow participants to come for one film, just for lunch, or the entire day depending on your interest and ability. The church will be open by 10:30 a.m. for those coming for the first film. After that, you may choose to come and join us at any time during the day.

The day begins with “Meinrad Craighead: Praying with Images.” During the potluck lunch, the film “Greedy for Life” will be screened. The feature film, scheduled for after lunch, is “Vision: From the Life of Hildegard Von Bingen.”

Our post-film discussions will include responses to the films and conversation around these three questions:

1. What does it mean to be a (female) mystic (ancient or modern)?
What does the Divine Feminine mean to you and/or how does she show up in your life?
3. How do art, music, nature, and prayer heal and transform us?


Please RSVP to Nancy Sheets at ASAP or by June 27.

LGBT& Allies Sponsors Exhibit

The LGBT and Allies Committee of Market Square Presbyterian Church recognizes the full breadth of gender identity expression and supports education and awareness to this end.

From Friday, May 4, through Sunday, August 5, Susquehanna Art Museum at The Marty and Tom Philips Family Art Center will present Identity Spectrum, a juried exhibition in the Lobby Gallery and Vault on the Museum’s first floor.

As one of the fundamental aspects of personal identity, gender has been examined by artists throughout history. Society is experiencing the increased politicization of identity expression while contemporary boundaries and norms are constantly shifting. Works selected for this exhibition provide unique perspectives on individual expression and the definition of gender, both visually and conceptually. The selected works include a variety of media.

Alice Anne Schwab, Trustee