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MSPC Saddened by Death of Staff Member

The Market Square congregation is crestfallen at the recent news of the death of our beloved Jim Chisholm.

 For many years, Jim has been our afternoon custodian. He served with congeniality, compassion, and great competence.

Jim died after surgery from which he never awakened. But he lived his life with eyes wide open to the wonders and opportunities around him. A stand-up gentleman, he embraced responsibility and integrity. He not only was a custodian in our midst, but a friend.

After his death, his wife, Theresa, told us how much he had appreciated working at Market Square. “They are,” Theresa said he told her, “my people.” We felt the same way about Jim.

With grateful hearts for his work and friendship among us, we commend Jim to God in whom eternally he lives and moves and has his being. Thanks be to God for Jim’s life among us and may the peace of Christ uphold his family in the days and weeks to come. (TAS)

WELCOME New Members

On Sunday, June 4, Pentecost Sunday, Market Square received 5 new members: Dorothy Hamilton and James Crum; Peggy Jo (P.J.) Taylor and Stephen Gaus; and Trudy Brunot.You can read more about them in the July/August Marketplace, on page 3.

They join the 6 new members received on Sunday, December 11:Cheryl Goode, David Black, Dorothy Grimm, Margaret (Peg) McConnell, Michelle Chorpenning, and Janet Bixler.

Also on Sunday, October 9, we welcomed three new members into the Market Square Presbyterian Church--Ben Allatt and Stephen Baldwin, and Brian Buehrle.